To eat or not to eat….that is the question?


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From time to time, there has been discussion of the food value of mackerel and bonito on various fishing websites that I enjoy membership.

Having lived in Istanbul, Turkey, I have had enjoyed the seafood dishes that are prepared there. I noticed that mackerel and bonito have a higher food value than in US.
When I have caught some bonito that I cannot use, my Turkish friends appreciate them.
Anyhow, I recently purchased a Turkish cooking book and saw some great pictures of seafood dishes prepared with mackerel and bonito.
If you ever had a chance of being introduced to Raki, there is a recipe to use that too.

Here is a link to the book:

I am assuming that since it is on the net—that I am not violating any copyrights.

Page 36-40; discusses the various fish species that are common in Turkey.
Page 168-170; is about mackerel dishes.
Page 185; for a bonito recipe.
Page 181; seabass and Raki.

This delicious bonito sushi was prepared by Andrew (the exacitive officer of Stoked On Fishing organization) at Cedros island.

I keep a small laminated copy of it in my wallet to show when the subject arises.

For those of you who are not cooking challenged like me, I hope you can try a recipe or two.

Bon Appetite.
This brings me back to when I was still making 4 hour+ trips from UC riverside to meet my friend in Irvine and go fishing on balboa pier earlier this year. Fresh mackerel sashimi really is good considering the food value of the fish normally, if only they’d get bigger, most of them aren’t even 12” long. It’s a pretty fatty fish, and goes well with a little wasabi and soy sauce. In my opinion, you really have to bleed and chill the fish or it gets really bloody and mushy. Seems it’s pretty popular in Korea from what I can see on YouTube.


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Mahigeer san, I just found this old post of yours. Let me add a Japanese angle on this matter here. Sashimi (raw fillets without rice) and Tataki (seared raw fillets) prepared by a former professional chef (the friend on the right of me in the Ken's photo yesterday)....