Throwback Picture from the Berkeley Pier

Ken Jones

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Interesting question, especially if it was the last fish. It's a shovelnose guitarfish which until recently was considered rare in the bay.


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Nice Guitarfish! I remember visiting that area where the pier was the last time I lived in Berkeley. If it was the last fish that was caught before the pier closed, it is awesome that you have a record of it!
Last fish caught before the pier closed?
Definitely the last fish I had caught before the pier got shut down. I was so shocked to hear the news of the closure that I drove back to the pier the next day just for confirmation. Probably not the last fish that was caught before the pier got shut down because I vaguely recall you writing a report of a father/son duo fishing and pulling up a nice striper moments before they sealed off the pier.

Edit: Actually, the thornback was the last fish I had pulled up. I'd figured the shovelnose made for a nicer picture.


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Fished last sunday, people cut the top fence. 28# 7gills 9 bat ray 5 leopard and bucket of rock crab. people are there at night every w/e.. dont shine light before 2nd sink. new security walk to gate and shine light but nothing els