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Okay, about a month later... I've caught halibut and stripers every week, though only the bass have been worth measuring. I've also seen mostly undersized halibut caught in the East Bay. Even so, there have been some legal fish. A couple weeks ago (possibly longer) someone got a 45" halibut at Point Pinole. Several people corroborated this.

Today I sabiki'd some herring on the incoming tide. I fished two hours through the top of the tide and just into the slack. Had a great time fighting this 27" lady in relatively clear, slow-moving water. Like an aquarium. Had the pole in my hand on bite #2 and set the hook perfectly at the corner of her mouth. You can see the dent where her ovary swell has collapsed. No eggs left. She did what she came to do, and may her line flourish in the Bay.
Wednesday 2019-11-13
Sunrise 6:47 PST, Sunset 16:59 PST
Moonset 7:46 PST, Moonrise 18:07 PST
High Tide: 0:42 PST 4.8
Low Tide: 5:40 PST 2.3
High Tide: 11:39 PST 6.1

Low Tide: 18:29 PST -0.4

Shimano Sahara 2500
CXX 10# mono
Sliding bait leader with 1oz weight and #4 Owner SSW Hook
Live herring hooked through the nostrils

Shimano TDR 2703 7'

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There are still some ‘buts but it’s a daily lottery with one winner. I won the lottery on Saturday but I couldn’t claim my winnings. A short that young Moses hurriedly assisted me with a return while I snapped a quick shot. Caught on small herring. Only fish caught other than walleye, smelt, and shiner. Oh, one brown smoothound did come up. Fished approximately 12:30-4:30.

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