Their arms were numb... ah yes, I can see that...

Ken Jones

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17,000 Yellowtail In One Day’s Fishing At Beach—Santa Monica—More than 17,000 yellowtail fish were caught by Japanese fishermen at the long wharf this afternoon, the largest catch for one day’s fishing ever recorded in the entire bay district. Among the fish caught were several deep-sea fish which, when brought to the surface, were found to be totally blind.—Santa Ana Register, December 16, 1911

Long Wharf — Santa Monica
Catch 21,750 Fish In A Day — Six Japanese Make Fine Yellowtail Haul on Hook and Line at Santa Monica

Santa Monica, Cal.—All records for the number of fish caught one day at this beach were broken when 21,750 yellowtail were caught at the Long Wharf by six Japanese fishermen with ordinary hook and line tackle. Three schools of yellowtail swam to the wharf early yesterday and remained all day. The Japanese fishermen, who made the catch from boats, were exhausted from handling the fish when evening came, and their arms were numb. —Knox Starke County Democrat, November 27, 1912