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Ken Jones

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Three videos to date, counting the CA Dept. Fish & Wildlife video and two from Pier Fishing in California. Several more should be finished soon. We may do a filming at the Cabrillo Mole in Avalon in Nov/Dec if we can agree on a date and if so perhaps a few of you may join us for a mini-get-together. I'll let you know as soon as possible if it looks doable. If interested, send me a note to

California Fish & Widlife video: How To Fish From a Pier —

Unfortunately the Fish & Wildlife people had no idea on what kind of net I was talking about to catch live bait. You would never use a hoop net, you use a drop net aka umbrella drop net.

Pier Fishing in California: (and people can subscribe)

KJ, From the Beginning:

Ferry Landing Pier, San Diego/Coronado Island:

Just a test video.