The newest video — Fishing the Cabrillo Mole


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Nicely done. Good intro and conclusion. It might be a good idea to insert a "break" in the middle portion of the video. Just a segment with music and footage similar to some of the scenes in the intro. It gives the viewers some time to soak up of the information that was already presented. And their minds will be fresher for the second half of the video.


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Good point about the break.

In the future, commercials will do that job.

In addition to suggestion to subscribe, like--click on bell is a good idea.
Once subscribed, by clicking on the bell once, the subscriber is informed of a new posting.
Thus, it invites the subscriber to watch the new recording. It adds to views number, maybe like number.


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That is how YouTube makes money out of your videos.
If there are enough views, likes, comments. YouTube starts paying the poster.

Sometimes large amount of money.

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There are not going to be any commercials in these videos and it's my understanding that you have to have something like 1,000 subscriptions before you make any money. We are a LONG ways away from them making any money although we would eventually like to do that.

BTW, unlike Hashem, I rarely watch any YouTube videos except for songs so I am actally a newbie when it comes to the medium.
I did not suggest that you make commercials.

I meant that YouTube will insert commercials.

I just don't know the particulars about it.

Actually, it may not be a bad idea to let the viewers know how to get your books.

All the best.

Ken Jones

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As said, this is a new medium for me. I do not know if YouTube can insert commercials but I hope not. I am hoping the videos are interesting and helpful while at the same time eventually making some money. It's increasingly expensive to drive down to SoCal (or the Bay Area) and staying a few days at motels while filming. It would be much easier if I lived by the coast but it's always an overnight trip coming from Fresno.
Check out this posting starting 4:50 and you should see some advertisement.

Like I mentioned, I don’t know the numbers, but the more subscribers, likes, comments, the more chance of getting paid as well as having adds in your posts.

If you look for videos with high numbers of “views” and a long post, you will see a lot of commercials.

Fishman Fishman

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This is the first of several videos from that day, this one mainly intended to show the various species. Unfortunately it does not show some of the things that I intended to show (I need to list the things I intend to cover on 3x5 cards and stick to them). Still learnin'.

Enjoyed the video! Thank you.