The Fishermen By W. K. Priest — California Poets 1932

Ken Jones

Staff member
2013, Stearns Wharf in Santa Barbara — three friends and UPSAC board members, all who have now passed. Blue shirt Brian Linebarger ( aka illcatch anything), yellow jacket James Liu (aka GDude), white shirt Mike Spence (Santa). Missing those days.

The Fisherman

They meet and they chat and they tell their tales
Of catching fish that were as large as whales,
And the wonderful times they had that day
Of their vacation when they went away.

And we listen and laugh, as they do, too
And we act as if we believed them true.
They are pleased again as they act the scene—
How they caught the fish in the raging stream.

And whether it is fish or gold or gear,
We all are fishermen throughout the year.
And it pleases us one and it pleases us all,
To have caught some fish be they ever so small.

So, wherever you go or whatever you do
You ever will find this saying is true;
Twill please the fishermen to believe their tales
Of catching fish that were as large as whale.​