Surviving Gnarly tangles on a rock-cod cattle boat

When your on a shoulder to shoulder open boat and in the middle of a massive tangle shrimp-fly's, jigs & teasers, swivels, weights, etc. I'll tie a one dropper loop about two feet above my weight, I'll just slip my hook off the loop, cut the sinker off at the knot and pull the line through the tangle, retie and I'm back fishing! Don't worry As I limit out I'll keep catching till you can bring home a mess of fish too...mutt.


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Single dropper-loops are the way to go for those boats. I remember on my first (and last) sanddab trip the current was particularly strong, and we would get horrific tangles with the 10-15 hook rigs. Sometimes entire schools of mackerel would hit the baits on the way down and make the tangles even worse. I cut my rigs down to 5 hooks, but with the current being as strong as it was, it didn't help much.
Yea plus one one those mac's Especially if there's any size to them, they'll drag your gear all over the place! I love catching'em except on a boat when we're fishing for other stuff. It use-to kill me when while salmon fishing we'd hook a large king fish or sand dad and the deck hand would throw it back before I could even think about wanting to keep it or not!