Sunday 30. Santa Cruz wharf

Hello fisher(wo)man

This Sunday I went fishing to SC wharf. There were few mackerels very, very, early in the morning, and none after 8AM. Some big schools of anchovies were around, but for some reason they do not take the sabiki. Didn't see anything else.


went to santa cruz wharf today and caught 11 mackerel. People were catching all over the pier but I was at the end. 1 guy by me must have caught 20. The bite stopped around 11:30am. In more shallow before the boat rental they were catching nice size halibut. A guy by me said he was there yesterday and caught 2 nice size halibut but was too crowded today.




Is there a size or number limit for mackerels ? Are we allowed to use our cast nets ?


As far as I know they're are no minimum size or catch limits for Mackerel. But next time I go I will double check that hasn't changed

SC McCarty

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Is there a size or number limit for mackerels ? Are we allowed to use our cast nets ?
There is no size limit on mackerel since it is not explicitly stated.

There is no limit on the number of mackerel:
27.60. LIMIT.​
(b) There is no limit on the following species: anchovy, grunion, jacksmelt, topsmelt, Pacifc butterfsh
(pompano), queenfsh, sanddabs, skipjack, jack mackerel, Pacifc mackerel, Pacifc staghorn sculpin,
round herring, Pacifc herring, Pacifc sardine, petrale sole and starry flounder.​
Mackerel are not included in the species allowed for cast nets:
28.80. DIP NETS AND HAWAIIAN TYPE THROW NETS. Dip nets of any size and baited hoop nets​
not greater than 36 inches in diameter may be used to take herring, Pacifc staghorn sculpin, shiner
surfperch, surf smelt, topsmelt, anchovies, shrimp and squid. Hawaiian type throw nets may be used
north of Point Conception to take such species​