Suggestions on best pier for sharks

I have some time to go fishing tomorrow night near Los Angeles (I have to stop about 11:00). Does anyone have thoughts on the best pier and set up for shark fishing there? I believe that Redondo Beach and Santa Monica Piers are the only LA area piers open all night.


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Santa Monica is a bit sketchy at night. If possible, I would head down to Seal Beach or Huntington. If you are restricted to the LA area Malibu is good too. I believe they are open until 10 or midnight. Seal beach is good for leopards and bat rays, while at Huntington there is a decent thresher bite right now. As for tackle, I would use nothing less than an 8’ conventional rod rated 20-50 lb mono. A reel with high line capacity and a clicker is absolutely essential. I would use 100 yards of 30-40 lb mono topshot with 65 lb braid backing underneath. As for rigs you can’t go wrong with a beefed up sliding bait rig with 100-150 lb fluoro or wire. 3-way and fishfinder rigs with wire would work well too. Fish the end and have at least a 4-6 oz weight to hold bottom and bomb out the cast as far as possible.
Thank you for your advice. I went to Huntington Beach Pier and caught a very small (about 10 inch) leopard shark (as well as numerous salema on another pole). It was the outgoing tide, unfortunately, and fishing seemed to be mostly dead for the others around me.