Stintson Beach 2/20


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I got to the beach at about 4:30pm during incoming tide, fished until 6. I had used up most of my day trying other spots in Marin and catching nothing.
I started using a 1.5 oz sliding egg sinker, 18” leader and size 6 circle hook with a live pileworm as bait. Tried finding a spot where there is a hole or trough but still not sure how to do that.
First fish was a baby leopard shark, then got a barred perch about 9 inches which I ended up taking home to eat. Then I ran out of pileworms and switched to cut shrimp, caught and returned 2 baby barreds, and called it a day.
This was the first time I caught anything fishing in ocean surf as opposed to bay shoreline/jetty/pier, very cool I need to go back some time.