Stearns Wharf trip


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This report is more of a trip report than a fishing report.

While checking the internet, I saw a post about the best places to see Xmas lighting in every state. It listed the town of Solvang as best for California. Wow, says I!

It had been a while since I had fished the Stearns wharf. I had also heard about railing being or had been installed at the wharf. Check of Google did not produce any pictures for me, so I told the Mrs. Let’s go.

She loves to visit Solvang, and usually we stay there and I fish the wharf on the way over and back.

However, after making hotel reservation I kept seeing on the news about severe surf and storm at the beaches. Thus, I did not take any fishing gear.

We drove to Solvang through the scenic route passing the Cachuma Lake. We walked the streets and visited the stores.

Later had some Smorgasbord buffet. Both the buffet and Xmas lighting were disappointing.

We have more lights in our neighborhood.

However, I met a new Turkish merchant there. It gave me an opportunity to practice my Turkish.

After my wife went to bed I headed to the Chumash Casino, where I won enough for the hotel fee.

What a country!!

Next day we drove to the Stearns Wharf and we took the pictures below.

No one was fishing and according to the local tackle shop, the fishing had been slow.

We later enjoyed a seafood lunch at the restaurant on the pier, before heading home.

1-That is what I call a ginger bread house. This was at the Olson’s Bakery across from our hotel.

If you stay at the Solvang Inn, you get a free breakfast at the bakery.

2-The new railing (since July) is there to protect the visitors from falling in the water.

3-They left the lugs intact to avoid cars from driving into water!

4-There are rod holders attached to the railings.

5-These two new benches may make a little more difficult to fish this corner.

6-The line recycling tube is a great item to have on piers.

7-There was no sign of eight foot swells. Calm as it can be.

On the way home we took the same scenic route via route (1) PCH. There were a lot of indications of the recent fires and unless you drive through it, it is hard to imagine the destruction.

At least I got some pictures of the railing, and my wife got to visit Solvang.

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Nice report friend. If somebody tells me you were on the pier-any pier- without your fishing tackle, I would not believe him!


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I guess I am getting old.

Good to hear from you Del. it has been a while since I been to BPS. Looks eventually I got what I needed for fishing.

I may be there on Dec. 26th, but not sure about the time. Happy holidays to you and my family here.
Mahi,(!) It's been a while since I've been on the board, As usual, your posts are wonderfully done, I have always enjoy'ed them. Merry Christmas and may God Bless you in all your ventures! Marty.