Staying in Burlingame Jan 2019... welcome advice

Hello folks,
Over the years, I know I've seen reports from Burlingame, Coyote Point, Milbrae, Brisbane Tubes... all mixed up in my head between Big Rich and Redfish, and 'Slinger, and scores of others... But all that to say, a cursory review using the "Search" function did not reveal a whole lot.

I'll be in town for a few days for a conference, and considering the proximity of my hotel to the water, I'm toying with bringing a rod or two to goof around. Would appreciate any nudges, kicks, or pushes in the right direction... Don't mind the long-soak, or walking and casting if there's anything to target. Strictly C.P.R.

I'll be in town on the full moon and a few days after, so plenty of water moving on the tides... and of course, wondering if it's safe for a non-flashy angler to walk the shore or park it in a chair and wait for a nibble.

Thanks for any help, or just wishes for good luck!



Red Fish

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-There are some herring headed through that area right now. Robert E. Woolley Pier behind the Embassy Suites is a good start as is Coyote Point Jetty in the same vicinity. Appears to be 8am-5pm/$6 (was 24 hours/free before). Fisherman’s Park off the shore is right to the right of Kincaids and is a free daytime shore spot (you will see Coyote Point to your right as you stand there). Sturgeon and 7Gill in these areas.
Sierra Point Park Pier (just north of SFO. next to the Hitachi building) might have some fish. This is right next to Candlestick in the north end of the yacht harbor.
Oyster Point Pier is 6am-10pm. Harbor Master doesn’t feel any sturgeon yet and says, “Dumbarton” which is the east side of the 84 bridge (Dumbarton) from where you are $5 toll. The end is the only profitable part of that pier for sturgeon and the bottom tide (of a minus) is when you want there to start fishing there.

-Get some herring at the liquor store by just 1/2 mile from Coyote Point or you might be able to sabiki some herring at a high tide.

-Could be sturgeon and sharks in these areas.
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Ken Jones

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I need to make a trip to the peninsula to take updated pictures of some piers and to get some advice from Rita on how to set up a PFIC Facebook account. Send me a PM and maybe I could schedule my time up there the same time as your visit.
In front of kincaids/down to coyote point could be some potential stripers, best bet from what I’ve heard are white swimbaits. Robert E wooley will always produce a sharay or two I’d you’ve got squid, good luck out there!