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Recently I have been watching videos about fishing in Turkey.

First and most, it is about fishing which I love. But it also helps me remember Turkish words, phrases, Turkish fishing terms, etc. If a second language is not practiced it will get rusty.

Third, this particular poster and his friends, go to different sites to fish. Thus, a bit of sightseeing in Turkey.

Now the reason for this post is; to share with my angler’s friend here, how they go on Sportfishing trips with boats in Turkey.

Before going to the video, here are some pointers to notice:

The boat has a cover over it for shade.

Anglers sit on chairs while fishing.

Fast forward to 13:15-13:25 and see the Turkish lady captain serving Turkish coffee.

If you FF to 18:00-18:20--You will see the lunch prepared by the Lady captain. Turkish hospitality is world famous.

You can mute the sound, but if you don’t, you will hear a lot of laughter and happiness.

They also get excited about any size fish.

By the way…there is no fishing regulation or license requirement for recreational anglers. Only for commercial fisherman. So, no poachers in Turkey either.

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Interesting video — (1) Some of those fish remind me of sargo. (2) Many deep sea Sportfishing boats, often called "head" boats in the south, offer similar shading depending upon the boat. It's mainly seen from the gulf coast and south Atlantic states, from Texas to Louisiana to Florida to South Carolina and North Carolina. I imagine it's due to both the intense sun down south and the frequent rain.


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The fish are mostly from the "bream" family.

Looks like they use high/low rig with the third hook by the sinker.

A new term that I learned and you may hear it often (if the sound is on) is "ayna". Witch means mirror.

It is similar to our call of "color". As the fish is coming up, it flashes and look like mirror underwater.


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Glad you liked it.

There are many videos by the same posters.

I like the way they promote removing trash left by others when they leave a site.

Also try hard not to show smoking. Non-smoker anglers are rare in Turkey.


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Most people are looking at Youtube videos because they are honest windows into someone else's experiences. If lots of people smoke cigarettes in Turkey, that should be shown as a part of the experience. It's not like they are making videos for kids promoting cigarette use as a healthy lifestyle.
They were kind enough to share their day of fishing with us, and I really enjoyed watching it, even though I don't understand a word of Turkish.