Some pics at Pacifica...

Ken Jones

Staff member
Stopped by the Pacifica Pier for a short visit prior to going to Marin. A beautiful day but didn't see any big fish, aka salmon or stripers. Did see a million jacksmelt, everyone seemed to be catching them, and a million too small perch (most of which should have been returned to the water in my opinion. Sad was to see the condition at the end of the pier. This pier really needs repair but I don't know if the will is there to make the fight for funds.

Pacifica.Pier_2022.8.1_Pier copy.jpg

Pacifica sits in a beautiful spot.

Pacifica.Pier_2022.8.2_Rules copy.jpg

Da Rules

Pacifica.Pier_2022.8.4_Crabs copy.jpg

Crabbing has become as important to the pier as the fish

Pacifica.Pier_2022.8.5_View.south copy.jpg

I love the view looking south

Pacifica.Pier_2022.8.6_View.south copy.jpg

Looking south

Pacifica.Pier_2022.8.7_End.Closed copy.jpg

Sad to see the damage at the end

Pacifica.Pier_2022.8.8_Rods copy.jpg

Even on a slow day the pier sees anglers