solid core rod question

Hello all,

I have this 7' solid core jigging stick. It has these line guides which are larger than conventional guides but smaller than spinning guides. I heard because it is a solid blank, I can use it either way because there is no backbone bend I need to worry about? For instance, a spinning reel bends a certain way, if bent the opposite way, it will break.


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They usually are pretty durable. They can be pretty heavy (weight wise) though. I never hear of them being used both spinning/casting. I built one for my friend (casting) and it had a backbone. I know some local pier fishermen are still using light action versions of these rods.
I bought a GT jigging stick. I’m pretty sure it’s a casting rod but that first guide nearest me is pretty darn big for a casting rod. But a little small for a spinner.


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I have an old custom rod that I thought was a spinning rod for years. My brother, the original owner, finally told me it was a casting rod. I was wondering why the back bone was built on, opposite that of a spinning rod. Same deal. Largish guides on the bottom so I thought it was a spinning rod.

I think maybe the large guide is used to reduce friction from wide reels. You get more friction from a smaller guide because of the extreme angle.