Lots of people fishing the SF/SM coast though! Went out last Saturday and for Thanksgiving weekend in progress.

Last Weekend 11/21 Saturday went to the Half Moon Bay Jetty around 10am, marker 28. As I was about to walk on some guys were walking off and said it was a skunk for them and good luck.. Stayed there until tide peaked, only managed some small rock crabs. Did see a guy catch a nice size Jacksmelt from the Jetty and many poke polling folks show up right around high tide as well. Hopefully fishing went better than crab snaring.

This weekend Thanksgiving morning wanted to see about a side of crab for Turkey but 3 strikes on that. Insanely crowded and conditions not good. First Pacifica Pier, waves were crazy and the end was packed with those few and proud with ultra heavy weights. Then drove out to Ft Point thinking Rock crab easy pickings with everyone going Dungness.. Wrong, I have never seen Ft Point pier as packed, there were crab lines everywhere possible and people throwing in at every angle.. Then I went down to Muni Pier hoping for a small rock possibility and no parking to be had there, there are a few construction projects there, in fact the entire city seems to be expediting all construction, no parking to be had in many areas with piles of materials. So defeated I went back to Marina Safeway and got the cranberry sauce and other last minute adds for the small just household dinner. Funny enough some employee in there was asking where the cranberry sauce was over the loud speaker, very sf marina style.

Thankfully yesterday on Black Friday no less I finally started to put my fishing licence into the black with a single keeper after a very long day wading in as far as I could to get the snare out in some water without going under for good.. But one thing I warn everyone is the tide predictions on the weekends always say "Flat / terrible for surfing" for some reason.. Why? Because there are so many surfers descending on the coast these days they have to deter them anyway possible considering no masks possible and limited distancing there. So don't trust those predictions, definitely waves a plenty (but terrible for surfing if you know any surfers, pass it on)...

Nice sunshine though and good sunset to the west with moon to the east.