Skipjack and Marlin from a pier?

Ken Jones

Staff member
Skipjack Caught — Pier Fishing Clan Gets In On Action

The Southland pier fishing clan is getting in on some of the hot action that has been enjoyed by the offshore fishermen the last several months… the real eye opening catch for the year was made by 14-year-old Bill Lapes of Manhattan Beach. Fishing his hometown pier, he caught a 6 lb. 2 oz. skipjack. It’s believed to be the first of the species taken in that area in more than 20 years. —Art Rogers, Los Angeles Times, May 15, 1959

Wicker Veen of Manhattan Beach got the thrill of a lifetime Thursday when he tied into a big marlin while fishing off the Manhattan Beach Pier. Veen was fishing for bonito with a lively anchovy when the marlin grabbed his bait while chasing a school of mackerel The marlin, feeling the hook, jumped into the air, snapped the line and the battle was over. —Saltwater Fishing, Los Angeles Times, October 29, 1965