Silver Strand Beach, Channel Islands Harbor, and Hueneme Pier 6/1/19

SC McCarty

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A friend tried the surf, near the jetty, at Silver Strand Beach in Oxnard. We both had a few bites, and each caught a small (under 6") barred surf perch on camo worms. Then nothing.

Since it was nearby, I decided to try the harbor, near the kids beach. Nothing, but we did have a Great Blue Heron land nearby, and hang around for quite a while. It appeared quite tolerant of people, and let us move around without flying off.
GBHeron 190601 23s.jpg GBHeron 190601 25s.jpg GBHeron 190601 32s.jpg

We finished at Hueneme Pier. As we arrived, a man was leaving with a nice sheep crab. Some people said they had been there since 6:00 AM without a bite. The onlyt fish I saw being caught were a couple of speckled sandabs (3' & 4") on the same line by my friend.