Short Trip to the Bay Area #9 — Oyster Point Pier & European Green Crabs

Ken Jones

Staff member
Forgot to mention a second visit to the Oyster Point Pier on Tuesday just to take some daytime pictures. Anglers were mostly fishing for jacksmelt with mixed results. Did talk to a young group of crabbers (Lolo, Lauran and Kaila) who had a bucket full of invasive European green crabs that if caught should be killed. The group has been seeing these crabs in Bodega Bay, Tomales Bay and Bolinas Lagoon north of San Francisco. Apparently they are also in the bay and if you catch one do not release it back to the water.

2022.3_Oyster.Point.Pier.1 copy.jpg

2022.3_Oyster.Point.Pier.2 copy.jpg

2022.3_Oyster.Point.Pier.3_sign copy.jpg

2022.3_Oyster.Point.Pier.4 copy.jpg

2022.3_Oyster.Point.Pier.6 copy.jpg

2022.3_Oyster.Point.Pier.8_Green.Crab copy.jpg

Green Crab

2022.3_Oyster.Point.Pier.9_Green.Crab copy.jpg

See —

2022.3_Oyster.Point.Pier.10_Green.Crab copy.jpg

2022.3_Oyster.Point.Pier.11_Crabs copy.jpg

The groups seeking out the crabs — Lauran on the left who makes "Crab Getter Snares" and Lolo on the right.

2022.3_Oyster.Point.Pier.13 copy.jpg