Short Trip to the Bay Area #8 — Burlingame—Robert Wooley Pier

Ken Jones

Staff member
Wednesday morning saw a short visit to the small Robert Wooley Pier in Burlingame. Initially there were three other anglers but the number would reach about ten by the time I left. I was fishing on the bottom trying to catch perch (or almost anything) while all the rest were fishing the top waters for jacksmelt. Most of the smelt fishermen were using shrimp while I started out using pileworms and ghost shrimp. In time, given no bites, I would also try mussels, shrimp, anchovy and squid. No matter the area fished, top water or on the bottom, and no matter the bait, we all as a group went fishless in Burlingame (not a single bite).

The pier has lights, four large benches, a fish cleaning sink, trash cans at the front of the pier, and a free parking lot.

2022.3_Robert.Wooley.Pier.6.xx copy.jpg

2022.3_Robert.Wooley.pier.1 copy.jpg


2022.3_Robert.Wooley.Pier.5_Fish.Cleaning copy.jpg

The small pier has a nice fish cleaning table.

2022.3_Robert.Wooley.Pier.8_Hotel copy.jpg

The pier sits somewhat hidden back behind the Embassy Hotel.

2022.3_Robert.Wooley.Pier.9_Plane.xx copy.jpg

Planes seem to take off and land every minute at SFO and the pier is one of the best spots to watch them.