Short Trip to the Bay Area #6 — Heron's Head Park Pier

Ken Jones

Staff member
I visited this small pier Tuesday morning and found it deserted as always. I think it may be one of the least utilized piers in the Bay Area due to several factors: its size, its location in the high crime area of Hunter's Point, and its somewhat isolated spot (use Siri). Open sunrise to sunset and I think it's safe to visit during the day. It's a pier where I've generally had fair to good success. The pier is about a ten minute walk from the park's parking lot (two dozen or so free parking spaces) and interesting Visitor Center via a paved path. The pier itself is devoid of any facilities, no lights, no fish cleaning facilituies, no rod holders, etc. This trip would be slow but did produce a leopard shark and a pileperch, both caught on pile worms.

2022.3_Herons.Head.5_Inlet copy.jpg

It's about a ten minute walk back to this inlet. The pier sits just on the other side of this bridge.

2022.3_Herons.Head.6_Pier copy.jpg

2022.3_Herons.Head.9_Pier copy.jpg

2022.3_Herons.Head.11_Pier.xx copy.jpg

2022.3_Herons.Head.20_Pier.xx copy.jpg

Looking out toward the India Basin section of the bay

2022.3_Herons.Head.14_Leopard.Shark copy.jpg

2022.3_Herons.Head.16_Pileperch copy.jpg

2022.3_Herons.Head.19_Pier.xx copy.jpg

The power plant that sits behind the pier at one time generated warm water into the bay and was a hot spot for anglers due to the fish that congregated in the area.


Ken Jones

Staff member
Quite a contrast in pictures from 2001 and 2022. The electrical plant once sitting just across the water from the pier is gone (the one that sent warm water out into the bay and attracted fish) while an electrical grid of sorts is all that is seen today.