Short Trip to the Bay Area #5 — Brisbane-Sierra Point Pier

Ken Jones

Staff member
Visited the pier Monday afternoon and some jacksmelty were being caught. Unfortunately I did not want jacksmelt and was fishing on the bottom. By the time I was ready to give up on the bottom species and switch to smelt the bite had turned off. Before the bite died, the smelt were being caught by anglers using market shrimp as bait.

Restrooms are found near the entrance to the pier, a fish cleaning sink is on the pier, two benches are on the pier, and trash cans are at the end. There are no lights.

2022.3_Brisbane.Pier.1.xx copy.jpg

2022.3_Brisbane.Pier.4 copy.jpg

2022.3_Brisbane.Pier.5.xx copy.jpg

2022.3_Brisbane.Pier.6_Rod.holders copy.jpg

Nice to see rod holders built into the pier

2022.3_Brisbane.Pier.7_Rod.holders copy.jpg copy.jpg

Nice fish cleaning sink

2022.3_Brisbane.Pier.10 copy.jpg

The marina sits to the south of the pier

2022.3_Brisbane.Pier.11_Skyline copy.jpg

The old Candlestick Park area and "The City" to the north