Short Trip to the Bay Area #3 — Agua Vista Pier

Ken Jones

Staff member
Monday morning would see a visit to the Agua Vista Pier where I have had some success over the years both to numbers and varirety. This trip would prove less productive. It was a beautiful day and the Chase Center (home of the Warriors) at 1 Warrior Way is always nice to see, but all I would catch were three mid-sized brown rockfish. Still you can't beat a sunny day on the bay when the wind is not blowing. BTW, all the rockfish were caught on pile worms. Parking is found on the adjacent street at a cost of $1.75 an hour although it is marked no parking from midnight until 6 a.m.

2022.3_Agua.Vista.Pier.21 copy.jpg


2022.3_Agua.Vista.Pier.19_Sign copy.jpg

Not exactly great maintenance on the pier or area.



2022.3_Agua.Vista.Pier.5 copy.jpg

2022.3_Agua.Vista.Pier.6 copy.jpg

2022.3_Agua.Vista.Pier.7_Brown.Rockfish copy.jpg

2022.3_Agua.Vista.Pier.22 copy.jpg