Shelter Island Kid's Derby 8/10/2019


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Every year sometime in August, The San Diego Fishing Council, hold a derby for the kids.

I have been there helping for many years along with volunteers from the fishing websites, where I am a member. I usually get some help for my request for help. This year I had two helpers. Great guys.

Anyhow, I picked up Arcadian and left Los Angeles at midnight. After spending some time at a casino in Temecula, we drove to the pier and got there around 6:00 AM.

We setup my Easy-up cover and set up our “bait booth”. Some volunteers and organizers were there already. A large donation of bait from Squidco also arrived. Not much later Ed (ecastro) arrived and we got to work of cutting bait and making small bait bags. Squid and anchovies were the bait.

1-Some of the organizations and sponsors who were there as well:

There were loaner rods available for those who needed one. Everybody also got a “goodie bag” donated by Turner’s Outdoorsman.

2-This was our station after cleaning. Arcadian who carpooled with me is taking a well-deserved rest. He had been there in the past years to help.

I neglected to take picture of the mess we made during our chopping and bagging the bait for the kids.

I was too anxious to have bags made before the 8:30 AM startup time.

3-The bait crew got it done. The yellow vest designates a volunteer/judge.

A special thanks to Ed (ecastro) who worked very hard to help me. He was fantastic bait chopper as well as helping with judging, putting chum in the water and whatever I asked him to do afterwards.

We gave out bait bags at 8:15, before the 8:30 AM commencement of the Derby.

We also put out some shark chum around the pier which was donated by Squidco in the past years.

4-The staff and volunteers of San Diego Fishing Council are busy with registration of the young anglers.

5-Every year, Tommy Gomes pays his staff to come and help making fish tacos. This year was Bigeye tuna tacos.

Forth from left is Mr. Wayne Kotow. I see him in many places as a volunteer.

He is the Executive Director of CCA Cal. One of the hardest working anglers working on behalf of all California anglers.

Next to him is the head of the Derby representing IGFA.

6-The pier was packed with participants and the pier regulars.

Although the tide schedule was not in our favor, the mackerel bite was on. Our periodic chumming with anchovies’ heads and chopped squid may have helped the situation.

7-This is what is all about. A smile on a young angler when she/he lands a fish. Lots of mackerel were being caught.

8-I liked this angler’s idea.

I did not get a chance to take a picture before it was fillet, but heard of a legal sheephead getting caught. I released some short halibut and a stingray.

9-One of the two navy ships that came across the pier. The first one was a very large catamaran.

We (Arcadian and yours truly) packed and left the pier around 2:00 PM.

Traffic was slow at times, so we got home close to 5:00 PM. Next day I made up for lack sleep the day before.

One more year under our belts.

The End.


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I received this email today from organizers of the Derby:

We had 131 children from ages 6 to 15 participate. Many were first time participants. It is a wonderful memory you helped create for these children and get them excited about sportfishing. I heard one boy say all I want to do fish for the rest of my life!

Peggy Couvrette
SD Sportfishing Council / Day at the Docks
Special Event Coordinator


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Why am I always missing this thing? I met my friend at the one at Bayside Park earlier this year. He went fishing in the desert last weekend. I have another friend that would have gone this one though.
Coincidentally, I was present for this. I took my 85 year young mom to SD to fufill a long time dream of seeing Balboa park (So Worth It ) I saw the big crowd on saturday morning, about the time the Navy Catamaran passed by) and saw many happy faces, kids catching fish including a young lady with her first fish, a calico bass ( I think) . I spoke with a few volunteers, and made a small donation. This was a fantastic event! Hundreds of miles south of home and I find such a wonderful event with a pier full of excited new anglers.
Its was Awesome!!! They Loved the Badges I made. They want more next time! hehe
Yeah One sheephead was caught LOTS of MACKERAL!!! I had a few bite on my rig but was so tired, i dozed off. HAHAH But i had fun! Let do it again!

Next year Ill bring Some fast chopping bait tools, too.

Wrist hurts after a while, But well worth seeing all them smiley faces!!!


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Sorry to mention it before.
In picture #3 you will see badges made by Arcadian and provided to volunteers.

It was very appreciated.

No one said "badges, badges, we don't need no stinking badges".

I am also looking into how to make the chopping easier. From better (stiffer) knives to battery operated bandsaw!