shelter cove

Ken Jones

Staff member
I love that jetty! Lots of big striped seaperch (especially in the spring), calico surfperch (inshore by the beach), cabezon, kelp greenling and rock greenling. Do make sure to turn your car lights off. I had them on one trip coming over the mountain due to all the fog, left them on while I went fishing, and when I got back to the car the battery was dead. Luckily I was able to get a jump and didn't dare turn the car off before I got back to Redway.
Shelter Cove is like our own version of Alaska, right here in CA. I help organize a kayak fishing tournament up there in mid-May (which has evolved into the largest kayak fishing event on the west coast over the last 13yrs). It’s so remote and wild and there isn’t a true launch ramp so the fishing is great. The shore fishing is incredible too. Rockies, cabs, lings off the rocks or perch, flounder, halibut, dungies off the sand. The jetty is ok during high tide for the latter.