SF Marina Green Redesign


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You'll find this a bit sad if you've fished this area or stopped by to enjoy the view. Marina Green.

On a recent trip to Torpedo Wharf, I came across a flyer posted in the area from residents opposed to the project. Looked up more information about the proposal. Seems like it's a "done deal".

Another great place where you can fish and that has beautiful, unobstructed, views of the Bay will disappear for good. With all the money that's going to be spent on this project, although the source of funding is different, you would think they'd be able to do something about a rebuild of Muni Pier.

Ken Jones

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Where's the public outreach, the transparency? Decisions made top down are rarely the best decisions. The article says, "The ultimate fate of the innermost portion of East Harbor is unclear. The Recreation and Parks Department said that the marina could be turned into a shallow-water basin with “new and expanded recreational amenities” offering “engagement with the Bay.” What are the expanded recreational amenities, do they include fishing:?


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I found the tidbit below in the SAN FRANCISCO MARINA IMPROVEMENT AND REMEDIATION PROJECT FAQS on the Project's website.

"How Will Views Be Impacted?
The project will locate boat slips from the southern East Harbor to an extension of the West Harbor, north of Marina Green.

The project will add new open water views by providing public access to the existing East Harbor breakwater and including public access out over the water on the new West Harbor

As things stand the public already has access to the East Harbor breakwater. And as for the proposed West Harbor breakwater, public access doesn't always mean fishing access.