SF Bay Bass Report

The anchovies are in (but moving, in medium sized pods) between Treasure Island and Candlestick right now - and the bass are behind them. Watch for the birds 1-2 hrs before sunset, but fish are thick all over at the moment, even in some very “urban” places like Islais creek.

Got 5 this evening in less than an hour with one broken off, on light tackle with small white swimbaits - this is fun fishing for 16-24” fish, and I have been releasing them.

Lots of reports off TI and Candlestick from boaters catching White Seabass as well - very low likelihood but can’t imagine the excitement if one of these guys grabbed my lure!

Ken Jones

Staff member
I saw that Rita and Sofa King went out on a bay party boat over the weekend and got a couple of white sea bass.
Update: bass and anchovies still around in abundance in the Candlestick/Hunters Point Area. 17 total this week, with 12 over 18”. Nothing really big (largest was 24”), all released. Saw a guy break off a 30”+ right at the shore.

3/8oz white jighead w/ 3" white swimbait (better if tail is chartreuse) has been getting it done for me. Have seen guys catch on yozuri minnows, rattle traps etc but with the small anchovies it seems like the little baits are working better.

Decent grade of fish for these numbers and look to be fresh from the ocean (shiny/solid stripes).
I would like to know if they were inside of the Gate. If so, I would suspect the WSB were caught around Treasure Island.
Actually I was on a private boat just off the A-frames, Hunters point. we had drifted in front of Candlestick Park. My friend and I, Rita was not on Saturday trip, we scored a variety of quality fish... We got brown rock cod, a sand sole, halibut, striper, uncounted small brown smoothound sharks, and 2 white seabass 36inch. It was an amazing day. i suspect had we started there we would have caught even more.
I would not be surprised if any or all of these fish could be had fishing Candlestick. We were using live anchovies.

For the trip Rita and i took Sunday aboard the Goldeneye 2000 we bagged easy limits of rockcod and lings out at the Farallones.