Selling some reels and gear before I go off to college

Hi again guys, it’s been a long while since I was here, but between college and the pandemic, it’s just been rough on me and I haven’t really had any time to fish and most of my stuff has just been collecting dust. I’d like to trim down my collection a bit, and I think that selling here to people who might find a use for them would be best considering how much I’ve learned from here and for the community and such. I’ll try and post some pictures and prices, but I’ll be moving down to riverside in about a week, and it would be pick up around SSF for now.
Feel free to ask if I’ve got a certain reel you might want, I’ve got a fair amount and I might just have what you need. I’m also looking to trade up for some spinning and casting rods too. Another ambassadeur or some kind of more modern conventional is also on my wishlist if you want to trade some things.