Selling my fishing cart

Up for sale is my trusty pier and surf fishing cart. I'm asking $200.00 firm. It's in great condition and has upgraded Stainless steel axle. Improved front caster wheel and reinforced throughout. Some additions include, an aluminum diamond-plate deck, an aluminum rack for holding hoop nets or anything else you want to carry on it (chairs, umbrellas and such). Great for toting all your gear like live bait well, cooler for food and drink and tackle box. I have even had it loaded with more stuff than you see in pics. Trips to Catalina for hooping and many other great times with some of you members. I also have a receiver mounted carrier that mounts into your vehicle if equipped for towing. Makes it easy to transport. It has served me well and thought about passing it on rather than taking it with me when I move to WA. I will be targeting new species in streams and lakes mostly and won't be hitting the piers or surf anymore. Tight lines brothers and sisters.....


Long time no hear. Have a safe trip.
Good to hear from you Hashem. It certainly has been a while. Hopefully after these few hectic months of planning, prepping, packing and finding our new home up in WA, I will be able to familiarize myself with the State's rules and regulations for all the different species. Maybe someday I could invite my old fishing buddy up to join me fishing and provide a place for ya to stay. Sure it'll be a while but I look forward to the opportunity. I have to laugh as I see I am shown as a New Member on the site. Probably shows this as my 2nd posting. LMAO. Anyhow, very nice to see you are still around. Hope all is well. Let's keep in touch. I am sure that I have all your contact info from years past.


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Thanks for thinking of me. We had some good memories.

Would love to visit you when you are ready.

Maybe do some ice fishing there.

All the best. My contact info. is the same, here is a good place to connect again, if need be.

Have a safe trip.