Seal Beach Pier - Sea Turtle

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While fishing the pier on Tuesday June 11th. I and several bystanders saw a large sea turtle swimming, with a big blue plastic bag tangled on it's rear flipper.

After my fishing, I researched and found an organization that assists sea turtles in distress.

It is the Southern California Sea Turtle Monitoring Project and Conservation organization operating from the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach.
Contact # (562) 506-4315. They handle Los Angeles County beaches.

I reported the sighting and the conservationist was very appreciative of the information. He reported that the group will be working in the area this week and will look for the turtle. He further stated many sea turtles are in the Seal Beach and San Gabriel River mouth areas.

I've always attempted to snag plastic bags around the pier. This sighting, which should have been exciting, turned sad to see a plastic bag attached to a wild marine animal. This definitely motivates me to continue the effort to remove plastic bags when I can.

Almost forgot but, seems trivial now, I caught and released some Round Stingrays and Thornback Rays. The Queenfish were around and I took about a dozen home for the deep fryer. Caught them on a Sabiki.

Good luck everyone!