Seal Beach Pier - Jacksmelt For Fertilizer!

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Had opportunity to fish SB pier today from 0600 to 1230. Beautiful calm overcast morning, no wind, ocean calm like a lake. Fish not to cooperative. Caught and released a small thornback ray. Kept a few mackerel for bait. No takers using live smelt. Lots of bait in the water (anchovies and topsmelt) Caught and released several purple starfish. Starfish and crabs very active towards bottom baits.

Jacksmelt action throughout morning. Most fisherman released the Jacksmelts they caught. One fisherman kept his and any giveaways by other fisherman. He said he didn't eat them but, he chopped up the fish for fertilizer and spread them around his citrus trees. He claimed friends raved about the tasty papayas he grew. He left with a bucket full of smelts and a smile.

I left with a smile too. Had a good trip with my fishing partner - my wife. 👍