Seal Beach Pier is Open Again

Took a walk down to the Seal Beach Pier yesterday afternoon and walked out to the end to check it out. No gear, didn't really plan on heading out there but it was a nice afternoon with moderate to low winds, prob 5 to 10 MPH, for that time of the evening.

Not much going on with maybe a dozen anglers soaking high low rigs, jigging Sabikis and one guy and his son with a squid tipped Sabiki under a bobber catching 8in mackerel just beyond the lifeguard tower.

I took a good look for the sand crabs under the pier (Shhhh, secret spot to get then) and saw plenty for Saturday morning's picking before hitting the Sunset or HB surf with the hopes of some decent corbina. There have been a few corbina cruising the skinny water in Seal near the Navy Jetty so I might give that a try too. There were the usual Jetty anglers there but I have not seen anything pulled up or noticed anything being hauled back to their cars. That corner has always been good for halibut especially with live smelt.

Anyways, just an info report before the weekend, go get 'em, it's that time of the year to hit the sans and surf.
Tight Lines Erik


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Last year I tried fishing on the jetty by the San Gabriel River. Not much luck.

Maybe the next time I go to Seal Beach I'll try fishing the Naval Jetty side just to change up the pace.

I'm not a fan of the pier due to the metal rails now.

Thanks for the report.