Seal Beach Lots of Bait and Boils

Fishman Fishman

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Fished Thursday morning. Lots of Smelt and small Herring in the water. White Seabass chasing the bait balls. Caught and released short WSB on chrome metal jig. No Bonito seen or caught.

Caught and released 2 short Sandbass, 2 Thornbacks, 1 Batray. Caught a few Mackerel and Herring. Nothing hit live Smelt or Herring bait.

Just a beautiful Fall day on the pier. Good luck this weekend.


Thank for the report!

Been in Korea for 3 weeks since bonito were biting , that hurricane pushed up TOO much hot water, got up to 75, slowly dropping

Balboa on Tues saw fair amount of smelt and sardines and got some Bonito to react only if I worked the bait line, no strikes though. Water too hot for jig fishing, even a guy using live sardines on slider on several rods got his baits chewed up but no hookups