Sea temps at 77 degrees in La Jolla

I hope so. I'm going to hit Balboa early Wednesday morning. Seems to be a good spot for exotics when the water starts getting warm. Maybe some Bonito at least?


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This morning I heard that Newport was 78 degrees yesterday. A friend on Balboa caught 3 big bonitos, lost one and the two he had weighed about 3 pounds. Those are decent bonito. We only got some small halibut and one medium shovel nose guitarfish. Saw quite a few yellowfin croaker caught on mussels but they were small. Nothing unusual with the warm water,YET!

It was brutal today. Swells were pretty big and everything was dead. Fished from 630AM to about 1PM, live sand crabs, frozen squid, frozen anchovies, nada. Saw nothing but a few smelt caught anywhere on the pier. I'll be back on Monday, hopefully things shape up a bit better then.
Yeah Wed was DEAD off the end, lots of tiny smelt but nothing chasing it but cormorants. Tried splasher, croc and jig/feather in all directions for several hours, not any interest, not even from the tiny barracuda or needle fish that were around the week before.