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Ken Jones

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Date: May 11, 2001
To: Pier Fishing In California Message Board
From: Salty Nick

Subject: Is this totally anal, or what?

This is the first time I've done this, and I'm wondering if others have done it or is it totally neurotic? When I'm fishing, my various baits are in all these plastic bags everywhere in my cooler. It becomes a stinky mess, especially after a day of fishing, sometimes with some shrimp here, anchovies there and melting pileworms. So I got some bait for tomorrow, more than I needed. I put them into separate portioned Ziploc bags, each with enough for a day's fishing - putting shrimp and a piece of mackerel in one bag, and frozen anchovies in another. Kind of like portioning off leftovers for each meal. Then I put the extra in the freezer for future trips. I was a little concerned, because I had never spent so much time organizing my bait like this - I usually just grab it and run. Salty.

Posted by stinkyfingers

I'm not quite that far yet myself. Everyone knows when they see me set-up up and go through the mess in my tackle box. But we do retain our baits. I've got three bags in the freezer now: Anchovies, Squid, and more squid. Good idea about individual a bait-dealer. hehe So, is it anal? I dunno - go ask Alice.

Posted by Salty Nick

Makes Sense To Me

Posted by Songslinger

I do this all the time. Being ready to grab and run is an essential quality. It saves money is less wasteful. Now if I could only put a refrigerator unit in my car.

Posted by fishnow

Here's a quick tip that has been use for many years and will help you keep your bait fresh and the frozen bait stay frozen while you fish. Use a well insulted hard sided cooler box. Wrap your frozen bait in 3 or 4 layers of newspaper and place in the bottom of cooler. Place 2 large freezer packs on top of the frozen bait. Place about 10 layers of newspaper to seal in the frozen bait (you want to seal off the frozen section). Place any bait that you want to defrost and use on top of the paper. This will keep it cool and fresh. Don't put in any warm cold drinks because it will raise the temperature in the cooler. Only place frozen items in the "frozen compartment" If you want to use bait from the frozen section either remove the whole packet of take some bait out and place the rest back into the frozen section. The frozen bait will remain frozen until you get home and the other bait will remain "fresh". I hope this helps

Posted by snakeman70

I hate my beer and soda tasting like my bait. And those bait bags that Anchovies and Sardines come in usually have pin holes...ick.
I always put the whole bag or container into a Ziploc Freezer Bag.
I used to divide up my bait into little bait baggies, but stopped when I ran out of anchovies during a trip and that is all the fish seemed to like that night. So, I bring it all but isolated in Big Ziplocs. As to being Anal. I don't think so. Snakeman

Posted by Salty Nick

Thanks. I feel like this is the fisherman's support site. "We will now call to order this meeting of FAA (fishaholics anonymous)...

Do you find yourself:
1) Separating your bait into little plastic baggies
2) Waking up at night screaming "fish on"
3) Missing your best friend's wedding because "the bite was on!"
4) Picking where to take your "hot date" based on the proximity to good fishing grounds
5) Wondering whether fish have noses or not
6) Debating the toxicity of white croakers
7) Composing sonnets about fishing
8) Practicing catch-and-release, with the neighbors cat
9) Fishing for carp, intentionally
10) Constantly checking the "Pierfishing in California" website while pretending to work.
Then you are a fish-a-holic!
Amen, brothers!"

Posted by jimbojack

My name is Jim and I have a problem. But there is no help and I refuse treatment. If you can't live with my addiction then get #%!*$%!!!!!!
Thank You. I feel better now. Jim

Posted by fishaholic

That’s me...Fishaholic...P.s. I'm only 14

Posted by Ken Jones

Been doing this for years and, in fact, this is what I recommend in the new book. The cooler I take onto the pier is for bait and fillets even though I might slip in a soft drink and a sandwich. You've got to have priorities.

Posted by Swimmer57

I've started using plastic peanut-butter jars for the smaller baits. Go right into the freezer & the wife doesn't complain since they're sealed. For larger (longer) bait I catch from my boat, I use the plastic Metamucil jars. You can put 8-9, whole, six to eight inch sardines in them. When ready to use, just throw them into the anchor box & by the time you're ready to fish they're thawed enough to use

Posted by Dave McD

I work on San Clemente Island (Navy) and we fly in and out of here so when we bring bait it's about five pounds worth. I bag my squid into Ziploc sandwich bags and freeze them at home. My fishing cooler is one of my checked in bags for the flights and I might have twenty or thirty zip bags of squid with me when I need to restock. It sure makes it lots easier to grab a couple small baggies from the freezer for an hour or two of fishing after work rather than trying to chisel something off of a five pound block that is frozen solid. Bait is a premium out here, we don't want to waste any of it.

Posted by Swimmer57

You're right! I've had to chisel & it's no fun. Some salt water over the block usually works pretty fast though.