San Mateo Coast surf

Since I have not posted in the new website, I thought I was due, so... Hit the surf in the SMC on Saturday afternoon. The high tide was predicted for around 3 pm, and I started grubbing around 1:30. Surf was up but manageable. A few guys perching, it seemed and one guy tossing out a striper lure. One guy was bringing in a perch as I hit the surf, so I was jazzed to do the same. I don't stay in one place too long if there are no bites, so headed up North on the beach and left the other fishing folk behind. With the surf up I had 2 oz of lead on the Carolina rig, and there was some lag between when my rig hit the water and when I felt the weight. On one occasion, I get a big tug and the fight was on! After a nice series of runs I beached a 13" red-tail. With dinner assured, the rest of the afternoon was all fun and games! I caught another perch, this one a BSP, shortly thereafter, at 12". Three more perch for the afternoon, all hand sized. Not a lot of fish, but great weather and some quality time in the surf.