San Leadro Marina Pier Aug 18, 2018 Report



Nothing much to report here, no fish were biting between 4:00 pm - 7:30 pm.

Bait used: Anchovies, shrimps, & pile worms

One bobber set up with shrimps and pile worms for jack smelt, not even a nibble.

One high low set up with anchovies for sharay - nada.

A couple caught a tiny ray on squid and that's about it. Nice day to be out, but nothing was biting. 20180818_170205.jpg 20180818_170150.jpg 20180818_192507.jpg 20180818_170128.jpg 20180818_170118.jpg

Red Fish

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Thanks for the report!

For the smelt off the pier, it needs to be incoming in my experience there. One time there a few years ago, I arrived and people were catching smelt. By the time I set up and casted out the people on the pier were packing up leaving. The reason was the tide topped out and the bite was off. I got a few hits on a bobber rig/missed and that was it.
Portview Pier (7th Street Oakland) is primarily the same (as was Berkeley when I was growing up there as a kid many years ago).

As soon as the water starts moving at the beginning of incoming, you could fill up a 5 gallon bucket of smelt. The bite would be non/stop until about the tide change at the top (or maybe an hour after). Then, the bite would shut off like a water faucet where you would be lucky is you could get one or two as the minutes passed by.

Some claim there are stripers to be caught around El Torito’s Restaurant area, but I’ve never seen it.