San Francisco shelter-in-place

I think most people are taking it seriously but are more open to the 6ft you are good rule. Plus all the gyms got closed so alot of people are running for their excerise. Just my .02

Ken Jones

Staff member
Most cities allow people to go outside for a walk or a hike (the sunlight is good for you) but that does not mean going out with friends or in a group. It also means keeping your hands to yourself so that you do not infect something or have it infect you. It's a SOLITARY exercise which can be good for you both physically and mentally. I will go for a walk around the neighborhood but find that when people are walking toward me they will often cross the street to be on the other side.

Use common sense and follow the guidelines, i.e., no groups, no tossing the football, no basketball, no hanging out with friends drinking, etc.