San Clemente Pier March 28: Good- Great Day!

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Today was a good-great fishing trip for me. Anytime I can go fishing is good. Catching fish, any kind or size, is double good. Catching a fish that I have never caught before is great!

Today was a good great day for me at San Clemente pier.

My first catch of the morning was also the first of its kind for me. I landed a 24 inch Horn shark. The fish hit a squid baited on a fish finder rig. I was very happy to catch and release this shark.

Next catch of the morning was a 19 inch Shovelnose Guitarfish. The fish hit a piece of anchovy on a high / low rig.

I was breaking in a new fishing rod, a 7 foot medium power, fast action Stimula by Shimano. Very cool to christen the rod with the Shovelnose.

For the next 1 1/2 the bite was slow. I expected a slow bite as I was fishing the low tide. But, it was dead!

Around 9 a.m. a father and his two young sons arrived. The boys began casting sabiki's and within a few minutes had caught a few Queenfish. As I mentioned earlier, a good day is catching any fish, any size. I changed my high / low rig to a sabiki and joined the fun! For about the next hour I caught (kept some)and released several Queenfish. My final take home tally was 24. When the run subsided I switched back to the high / low rig and baited it with fresh mussel.

I hooked a Spotfin Croaker but, lost it as I was bringing it out of the water. No further action on this setup for the trip.

I did catch and release a short Sand bass and a short Calico bass. Both fish hit on an anchovy baited on the fish finder rig.

Overall, five different species of fish caught, christening a new rod by catching something with it, and catching a specific specie of fish for the first time. Made this a good great fishing trip for me!

Good luck everyone!