San Clemente Pier - Bonito Bite

Fishman Fishman

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Fished the surf zone this morning seeking croaker. Caught 1 Yellowfin croaker, 1 Sargo, and 1 short Sand bass, and 1 Mackerel. Fish hit on mussel and shrimp. Fish finder and hi/lo rigs used. About 9:30 Bonito showed up chasing baitfish. Caught 5 short limit bonito on sardine colored metal jig. Another fisherman using a homemade sabiki caught several bonito. The fish were in the 1 to 1 1/2 lb range. Pleasant surprise to run into the bonito.

A few Spotfin croaker in the 3 lb range caught on mussel by other fisherman fishing midpier.



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Thanks for the report! So cool to get some bonito out there! Heard that they get them there but have never really seen one caught in the times that I've fished there. Were you fishing the end or some other spot?