San Clemente Pier Bathrooms

I'm a frequent visitor to the San Clemente pier. Especially during lobster season. Earlier this year (feb or march) the city of San Clemente started locking the restrooms on the pier & on the beach at 9pm. The reason the city gives for this is because the bathrooms are being vandalized. The hours for the pier is 4am - midnight. I believe most vandalism happens after midnight. Just because the're not as many people on the pier.

This leaves us guys & women even more, no place to go to the bathroom after 9pm. The lobster season starts in just 15 days. If this season is like others in the past. The first few weeks of the season will have up to 100 or more people on the pier after 9pm. With no restrooms available it's most likely people will be relieving themselves on the pier & into the ocean. There is high bacteria at the pier already. More human waste in the ocean will not be a good thing. This has a negative effect on this beautiful city. Tourist & people walking on the pier after having dinner at the fisherman's. Would have to see people urinating off the pier & even doing #2. Please send an email to the city of San Clemente Beaches, Parks & Recreation Commission.

Thank You,