San Clemente: 12/13/22


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Fished the end of San Clemente Pier from about 7-11:30AM. Pleased with a fairly steady bite and decent variety casting out to the reef on the left side of the end of the pier. Days like this are fun but feel a little sleepy without a bigger fish hooked or landed. Used a high lo rig baited with market shrimp and also fished a live smelt on a dropper loop.

Final catch tally:
8 Halfmoon perch
7 Black perch
11 Walleye perch
1 Rock wrasse
1 Kelp fish
Handful of smelt


Not a bad morning given the recent rains and a pretty significant drop in temperature. Did not see any other catches while i was there. There were a couple anglers fishing the end with me two at the T section and one inshore.



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Did you see anyone catching mackerel or know of anyone catching mackerel at San Clemente?
The mackerel weren’t there that morning but I’ve caught plenty there before. Not really as consistent of a pier for the mackerel as other Orange County piers but you get them there.
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Similar situation to the south...casting into reefs/rocks has been the difference between skunking or not. Fish are still hunkered down from the rough seas recently. Also plenty or crabs and lobster munching on the bait. They really love gulp sandworms.