San Clemente 11/13/22 Variety pack of perches + bonito + crazy thresher catch


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Quick report. Fished the end of San Clemente casting out to the reef at the end of the pier. Fished from 7AM-11AM using hi lo with size 6 and size 8 hook and fished with mostly market shrimp and a little squid. Final catch tally for me: Calico Bass, White Perch, Rock Wrasse, 4 Blue Perch, 4 Black Perch, and a bunch of smelt.

There were about 5 bonito caught while I was there on sabikis tipped with stick baits as sinkers. The bonito were all caught off the right side of the end. The was also a good size shovelnose guitar fish caught off the left corner of the end using squid on a bottom rig.

Crazy thresher story. An angler hooked a thresher and fought the fish for about 30 seconds before the fish broke the line. Soon afterward another angler with a bottom rig starting fighting a fish. He landed a pretty big thresher shark and it turned out that he caught the same fish that the other angler was fighting after the fish tangled the broken off leader/rig on the bottom rig as it was trying to swim away. The fish was landed and sure enough the original anglers float rig and hook were in the shark's mouth. There was an ensuing argument and negotiation about who had the rightful claim to the fish (all in good fun) and the angler who intially hooked the fish abdicated his claim without much fuss.

I've got pictures and video that I will upload later when I have time.