San clemente 10062018


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Did a solo trip to see what the pier had to offer. Got there late, around 2300 and left at 0200. Absolutely covered in nets when I arrived but cleared up towards the end of the night. Only heard of one legal and saw another questionablely legal one tossed into a cooler. Me? I did pretty well pulling up clumps of mussels. I never snagged my net, but somehow had a clump every other pull. Making the best of the situation, I used them as bait. Got one salema with many more missed hits. Macks were available to the glow stick rigs and I saw one croaker landed as well. A lot of salad in the water as everyone was getting some every pull with some net fulls seen. Nice to be out and good to check out a new pier.


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I was there last Thursday evening. Lots of anglers, but I heard the opening night was very crowded.
Mostly shorts, but saw others get some legal size.
Too much seaweed by the bathrooms, not much shallower. More action toward the shallow end too.