Salted sardines

Brock Norris

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Ok i have always preferred salted anchovies and sardines over unsalted I've noticed the quality in the shops just doesn't seem as good as they used to be so i took some fresh sardines just caught and I layered them in course kosher salt for 48 hours then packaged in zip lock baggies they look pretty good will try this week Has anyone else salted them this way would like to know and if your had success with them catching fish that is Thanks Brock

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Should work, I’ve used salted anchovies and herring for halibut with reasonable success. The belly doesn’t seem to blow out as much as on frozen, but it will seem a bit shrunken and brown compared to fresh. Doubt it makes too much difference though. Brining will keep the sheen a bit better but it won’t be as firm in my experience.

Brock Norris

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Thanks for the reply fished belmont pier this morning for one mackerel and one tom cod not my targeted species but it works i wouldn't cure it for longer than 48 hours in the salt could make it to tough thanks Brock


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I have had good success following Ken's advice for saving unused bait (particularly anchovies)
I lay them out on a cookie sheet and sprinkle liberal amounts of kosher sea salt on both sides before carefully packing them (laying side-by-side - NOT on top of one another) in zip-lock bags (be sure to squeeze all of the air out before sealing.)

This procedure has proven to maintain a bright color and toughens up the bait so that it can still be used effectively even though it has bee re-frozen. The catch rate on a typical outing on the Delta using "fresh" frozen anchovies and then the salted/refrozen anchovies is identical. I rarely have to throw away unused bait.