Ron's Tackle Tips — How to break your rod

Ken Jones

Staff member
How to Break Your Rod!

By Rod Crandall of Ron's Reel Repair (October 1998)

We receive a number of rods each month that are snapped in two, and the customer frequently says, I hooked a fish and was just lifting him in and the rod broke. The following illustrates some practices that are detrimental to your rods, and some tips on how to change them.

Situation One: When on a pier or structure you lean your rod against the railing with only the last foot extending over the top.

Instead: Get or make a rod holder that will allow the full rod length to be used. The leaning method can break just the last foot or two off the rod when a fish hits.

Situation Two: You lay your rod on the ground so every person, dog or car can walk or drive on it.

Instead: Never lay your rod flat on the ground. Prop it against a stable structure or use a sand spike even when not on the beach.

Situation Three: You stick the rod out the car window.

Instead: Carry the rod on a roof rack or, if you must let it protrude from the window, make it as parallel to the side of the car as possible .

Some other tips worth noting are:

Check the rod for deep nicks (especially near the butt where it could have rested on a rail). When walking with the rod near people or objects, carry it backwards so the tip doesn't smash into any body or any thing. Unless you just like to buy new rods, the best tip is, Slow Down and think about what you are doing with your equipment.