Rod repair in South Bay

Nothing major and I don't need Cadillac service. I have an Ugly Stik with a bent tip guide.

Any recommendations? Mountain View to Santa Clara preferred, San Jose, Milpitas, or Palo Alto would be OK. While-I-wait service would be ideal.

Thanks a ton.
Have you thought about repairing it yourself. It's really a fun and easy thing to do IMO. I build my own rods now and love it. Lots of info out there. Put up a picture of the guide or email it to me at and I can maybe help you out with that.

Red Fish

Senior Member
Just what I need another hobby! But, I am handy. Maybe I'll post a pic.
Rod Guide Easy Fix

Matt, I am not handy at all. But, when I saw this particular Tube video, I immediately felt I could do a simple repair on an old rod.
-Some of the guides, I have been just gluing in an insert when they pop out (instead of rewrapping) and they have held. Actually, a rep from Shimano told me to do that.
-The guy that used to do mine for a just a couple bucks closed his doors at Berkeley Bait for good. I am sure someone at Fisherman’s Warehouse would wrap a guide for you, but it’s not going to be a couple bucks.