Rod limits for crabbing and rockfish fishing

Can we get a definitive answer to whether we can have two rods in the water in a jetty or a pier if one rod is for crabbing and one rod is for fishing for rockfish? Obviously, if the rod have a snare, we are not targeting rockfish. It would be nice not to have a gray area and open up for interpretation.
Thanks for that info. I will try not try to fish and crab at the same time. How about those on a boat that drop a crab trap and go rockfish fishing? Just for argument sake, one line is used for rockfish fishing and one use for crab snaring. I understand that I can't say 1 rod is targeting rockfish and another one is targeting perch, since I can't proof that, but for a snare, it's pretty obvious it's not targeting rockfish. The one line is still targeting rockfish and the other line is not. It is still technically one line targeting rockfish. There is nowhere in that statement that you can't drop another line. It just states one line for rockfish, hence need some clarification.
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