Robert E. Woolley State Park Fishing Pier

While in town for a conference, I took a stroll down the public shore walk to the pier to see what’s what. Beautiful weather in the Bay Area today, with just enough breeze in your face to keep you honest with your casts.

About a dozen anglers were set up with float rigs and small hi-lo rigs, plying the waters for a slow but steady bite on jack smelt. These were some nicer models, too— one I saw in a bucket probably went 2 lbs.

Coffee-colored water had a little bit of junk in it, but fishable maybe from recent rain, and the wind had pushed a little bit of vegetation into the rip rap. The birds were working small baitfish from above and below. Toying with walking and throwing a BH 3” along the rocks to see if anybody is home, but having never fished here, I have no idea if there are little critters out there amidst all the leppies and >5 gilled sharks I’ve heard so much about. I may walk down to Coyote later this afternoon just for giggles.
Fished the tide swing on Wednesday and Thursday during my lunch break (I don’t get to do that very often), walking the rocks from Woolley Park south past Kincaid’s. I threw a 3” BH and worked the bottom where the mud hits the rock wall for a few taps (maybe smelt?) and finally hooked... something.

It did a quick release near the water, but appeared to be some kind of stargazer or sculpin? I didn’t recognize it, which goes to show there’s always more to learn about the ocean.

Other than that excitement, I enjoyed a nice clear day in the sun, and watched another angler C&R a 5 lb. bat ray.

Slow fishing is always better than no fishing.

Red Fish

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Nice Ben. Seems like you had an enjoyable visit to the Bay. Not real large rockfish inside the Bay, but some grass or brown that will go just shy of 12” will take a 3” plastic.
Way to got on the myliobatus californicus! People always say the go “lock-jawed” or dormant in the the winter but I have found the ones that remain in the Bay will feed buy have noticed that that they many times aren’t aggressive picking up your bait.
There has been herring spawn activity throughout your visit. Moreso in the Sausalito/Richmond area.